Parents, it’s time to take back dinnertime!

One New Food

Do you have a picky eater? Wait, of course you don’t. I’m the only one whose kids refuse to eat all but the most basic vegetables, who beg for pizza every suppertime, and who sneak snacks out of the pantry when I’m not looking.

I bet your kids eat bok choy like it’s going out of style, beg for brussel sprouts every suppertime, and sneak kale chips when they want something to munch on. Right? No? Oh good, so I’m not the only one.

Picky kids are a dime a dozen, but my friend Kristen, from Mommy in Sports, and I have decided to do something about our picky eaters. We’re calling it #ONENEWFOOD and it’s very easy: Introduce one new food to our kids each week and require that they try it (two bites, chewed and swallowed). We want to move away from processed, sugar-laden foods and move towards real, healthy foods, and we know that we can do it if we start with one small step. 

We’re not talking about freaking our kids out with a plateful of food they don’t want to touch, let alone consume. We’re talking about making small changes that will build up over time (think homemade waffles instead of frozen or swapping out that ‘juice’ for one that’s 100% real juice).

Will you join us? You can find all the info about #ONENEWFOOD on my other blog and we want to encourage (and be encouraged by) everyone getting involved by having all of us share tips, stories, and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout each week.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to teach your kids to make healthy choices. I know I’ll find it much easier to stick with it with the help of all of you!

Join us!

Lauren Cormier

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Lauren is a 30-something stay at home mom who doesn't have it all together and she's pretty sure you don't either. She hopes that by sharing her real life (not the glossy made-up version) she can encourage you to drop the act and get real. Lauren lives in Hermon with her husband and their three children. She also blogs at