Red Balloons for Nicholas

Nicholas would have been nine today. Instead of throwing a party though, his family is facing the first birthday where he won’t be with them.

balloons 008

I don’t know many people who have lost a child. To be honest, I’ve never liked to think about it. It’s too terrifying. And in the rare occurrence that I meet someone who has gone through that, I would rather avoid the subject. I’m awkward with the spoken word in a normal conversation; give me a difficult topic and I’m all but useless. Besides, do they really want to be reminded of their pain? I’ve always erred on the side of caution.

Lately though, certain events have changed my thinking. Although no two people will grieve exactly the same way, I’m beginning to realize that they all need support, in ways both big and small.

So today I’ve teamed up with some wonderful people to offer our support to Nick’s family on his birthday. It’s a small act, but we hope it shows them that there are people all over the country who are thinking of their boy today.

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