Shameless appeal for followers

Self-promotion is really not my thing, so I tried to make the title ‘Shamelessful appeal for followers’, but it wouldn’t let me do the little strikethrough thing in the title. Oh well.

Here’s the deal. If you’ve read my blog a few times and your initial thought of it is, “Eh” then by all means, stop reading because the rest of what I’m going to say has nothing to do with you. However, if you’ve enjoyed reading my posts and think you might like to read more of them in the future, this one’s for you.

Official announcement:

I’ve started a second blog. I’m not leaving this one behind, but I’ve decided to move the Keeping It Real Challenge (as well as the Great Purge… do you even remember that?? I’ll be posting an update soon!) to the other blog.

Sooo, if you’ve been following either of those at all, but you don’t follow me (on Facebook or Twitter or through an email subscription, etc) then you won’t see them anymore.

Now this is the part where I shamefully (and I’m serious about that. It feels totally ridiculous and slightly desperate to be saying this) ask for followers, both here and at my new place of residence.The only reason I’m asking is because if you just happen to see my posts while perusing the BDN, you’re going to start missing a lot of them.

There are two major ways to keep up with Oh, Honestly!:

1. Email subscription On each of these blogs, there’s a place to enter your email address. On this one it’s way down at the bottom. On the other one it’s on the right hand side. If you do this, you’ll receive an email each time I post something new. That’s it. You won’t get spam. I won’t send personal emails to you. You’ll just get the updates.

2. Social Media Oh, Honestly! is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. It’s on Instagram too, but I’ll be honest, I don’t post there very often. Any of these are decent ways to follow the blog and I’m trying to be more consistent in posting to all of them on a regular basis.

So that’s that. If you are completely off-put by this post, I apologize. Ignore my plea and continue the occasional read when a title catches your eye. If not, then you’re a lot more tolerant of this weirdo blogger than I would be if the situation were reversed, and for that, I thank you.

I’m looking forward to connecting more with you!! -Lauren, resident truth-teller

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