Guest post: Two thousand and fourteen

I’m excited to announce the start of a year-long series of guest bloggers on Oh, Honestly! Each month I’ll feature one blogger (from Maine and beyond) to share their real life with you. They will write about any number of things; the only caveat being that in line with my challenge, they ‘keep it real’.

Today I welcome Robin Follette. Robin is a fellow BDN blogger. Her blog, Robin’s Outdoors, covers myriad topics, from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping, and everything in between. She can also be found at

Two thousand and fourteen. It’s the year of getting organized. Again. I have these years now and then. Just like every other year I’ve vowed to get too much done, this time I mean business. I’m getting organized. I bought an organizer notebook and made a list of approximately 65 things I need to do this year. Sixty five should be written in flashing neon colors. That’s an awful lot but I really think I can get it all done as long as I get organized.

So who am I trying to convince? Myself or you? Maybe both of us.

A lot of the items on my list, like “pull up the fence around the old duck pen,” have to wait on spring’s arrival. As what I do on the homestead changes the layout of the garden and the poultry and livestock pens changes. Tear down the duck fence, erect the fence for the new pigs I’ll be raising this year. Some items are beyond my capabilities. “Dismantle greenhouse, recycle lumber to make drying shed for firewood.” I can’t even picture what the finished shed might look like but I’m certain there’s a way to make this work. Obviously I’ll need help.

One way or another, Baby, this list is going down!

It’s easy to say this on a 20*, sunny day in late February. I’ll still be gung ho and buzzing along at the end of March. I thrive on deadlines so as soon as I know I’m running out of time to work on the indoor projects I’ll work harder and faster. When I can start ticking off the outdoors list I’ll work hard and fast at first, then it will get hot, and I hate the heat. I’ll want to go fishing, to camp or hiking on weekends. Reality is starting to set in already.

In previous years I vowed early in the year to work through weekends, and did. We got late starts to visiting my parents at camp and missed out on a lot of fun. It wasn’t worth it. We got things done but we never got through the To Do list no matter how hard we work. Seems like I should have learned to pare down the list by now. Seems like I could have been more realistic years ago.

This year is different. I accept that everything won’t be done, and that I’ll probably have to give up some of the things I’ve already been waiting years to do. I’m not being ridiculously stubborn about it this year. We’ll probably hire help. The biggest difference is my acceptance of a new reality – it just doesn’t matter as much anymore. The hens won’t stop laying eggs if I don’t paint the hen house this year. I can buy a new bookshelf rather than ruin a lot of wood and possibly a few fingers by building one myself. We won’t starve if I don’t make 42 jars of strawberry rhubarb jam.

This To Do list is out of control. I keep thinking of more to do. There are now 72 items. I’m sure I put them there; it’s my handwriting. It’s time to prioritize. The idea of writing everything down is to get it organized and out of my head. I can’t remember everything…or half of everything on the list, and I don’t want to clutter my mind trying. Before I start working on the laundry room/pantry I’ll have the list organized. I have no intention of deleting anything yet. That won’t happen until late September or early October when I have to admit defeat.

So yeah Baby! The list is going down…as in some of this list is going to be written down in next year’s list.

Lauren Cormier

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