Supermom DOES exist. You’ll never guess who she is.

Much has been said about the Myth of the Supermom. That non-existent female who does it all and looks good doing it. Her house is always clean. Her kids are always clothed. Her meals are always made from scratch and always taste as good as they look. Her hair is always done. Her kids are always well-behaved. Her home is always beautifully decorated with handcrafted items she learned to make on Pinterest. Her husband always brags about her to his coworkers and buddies, even strangers he passes on the street. Her family pictures always show a perfect family with everyone looking at the camera, everyone smiling, and all eyes open.


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As moms, we hear about this woman, we know she’s a myth, and yet we wonder… does she really exist? That friend who was bragging about her latest project… is it her? The person behind the Instagram photo of that scrumptious looking dinner… is it her? The woman you always run into when you’re picking your kids up from school, the one with the fabulous clothes and manicured nails… is it her?

Stop wondering who Supermom is because I’ve discovered her true identity. You may be surprised to find that she’s you. You, in all your goof-ups and struggles. You, in all your doubts and failures. You.

If you don’t believe me, take a moment to consider all the superhuman things about you.

  • You can take a complete shower (hair, body, and shaving) in less than five minutes.
  • You can distinguish your child’s cry from 50 yards away with 100 other children’s cries competing for attention.
  • You nourish your children multiple times a day (sometimes it’s even with something healthy!).
  • You somehow keep yourself fed too.
  • You manage to take care of your children when you’re horribly sick.
  • You allow yourself to be the bad guy because you know it’s for your kids’ own good.
  • Your kisses have magical powers that heal boo-boos.
  • You can go days without putting on a ‘real’ pair of pants, yet when your preschooler tells you you’re beautiful, you feel beautiful, if even for a moment.
  • You can pick one child up from school at 2:50 pm, make it across town by 2:55 pm to get the other child to dance lessons, and get to the next town over by 3:15 pm to drop off the first child at piano lessons.
  • You go to bed many nights feeling like a failure, yet every morning you wake up and try again.
  • You can cook dinner, talk on the phone, and drag a clingy toddler around with your leg… all at the same time. Bonus points: This also qualifies as your workout for the day.
  • You can function on a ridiculously low amount of sleep.
  • Not only can you function on little to no sleep, but you also keep yourself and those in your care alive while doing so.
  • Your kids still love you, despite your screw-ups.
  • You grew a human, for crying out loud (In physical body or in heart is inconsequential… either way is an amazing feat!)

Feeling superhuman yet? What would you add to the list?

Lauren Cormier

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Lauren is a 30-something stay at home mom who doesn't have it all together and she's pretty sure you don't either. She hopes that by sharing her real life (not the glossy made-up version) she can encourage you to drop the act and get real. Lauren lives in Hermon with her husband and their three children. She also blogs at